Outlook Express

Click on Tools and then click on "Accounts..." to bring up the Internet Accounts window



Click on the Mail tab and then highlight the mail account that needs to be modified by left clicking on it one time and then clicking on the Properties button to bring up the Properties window



The "Incoming mail (POP3)" and  "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" needs to be one of the following values:
(Note: This will depend on your e-mail address)

For the "Account name:" field enter your full e-mail address and enter your password in the "Password:" field


Left click the check box next to "My server requires authentication" and then click on the "Settings..." button to the right of that to bring up the Outgoing Mail Server window

These settings at their default are ok, or the "Log on using" option can be selected.  If it is selected the "Account name:" field needs your full e-mail address.  The "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" check box can NOT be left checked.

Click on Ok at the Outgoing Mail Server window
Click on Apply and then click on OK at the Properties window
Click on the Close button to close out of the Internet Accounts window